As a newbie you have probably wondered this question — realistically how long does it take to learn python, I mean really learn it, and be able to make applications that do real work?

Answer: In about a weekend

But remember there is a huge difference between learning the fundamentals and mastering the language.

Masting anything can take a really long time…

First let’s learn the basics

Let’s assume you have some basic computer skills, you can surf the web, install software, watch youtube videos but beyond that, the computer in front of you is a complete mystery. …

Threading is powerful, but also as a developer its insanely complex and will drive you absolutely insane…

How do start a thread?

How do you get results back?

How can you re-use threads?

Let’s take a simple example, you want to take a simple function, have it run in a different thread and get the results back.

The application conceptually might look like…

Like many of you I work with multiple languages. Being human there is always that inevitable moment where my fingers type faster than my brain.

I had a long coding session in python and switched over to a C++ project, without taking any time in between to make that mental “shift” from one language to the other.

There was a need for a simple loop of numbers, in python this a trivial task using range:

Something like:

x = range(6)
for n in x:

Its simple, its elegant, it works — unlike my brain, which after one cup…

The heart of any application built with Qt is undeniably the humble QObject class. Does not matter if you are working in a console, widgets application or a QML app. At some point you are relying on QObject to work its magic.

But how does it work, and why does it have some quirky limitations?

What makes a class a QObject?

When you first make a class you are presented with some choices, using Qt creators class wizard does not really help answer them.

The code that is generated looks something like this…

#ifndef TEST_H#define TEST_H#include <QObject>class Test : public QObject{Q_OBJECT

You’r in an interview…beads of sweat start to form on your face as they ask you questions, this is a phone interview and there is a lot of static and background noise. You can hear a youtube video the they are listening to while asking you questions. It’s clear they are more interested in that videos than your answers.

Interviewer “We are looking for an expert in with 15 years experience and we can start you part time contracted but you would have to relocate and work the night shift.”

It’s not going well.

While you are in mid-sentence they…

I have always had a love hate relationship with version changes. On one hand I really want to use all the shiny new features and APIs, but on the other hand I dread….and I mean DREAD seeing working code that has been working for years suddenly need to be re-written.

Qt 6 released

When Qt 6 was released, I probably set a world speed record for how fast I opened a browser to read about it.

When creating Qt 6, we ensured that Qt’s core values have been adhered to and upheld, including:

Its cross-platform nature, allowing users to deploy their applications to…

Qt is a cross-platform set of libraries written in C++ that let you develop applications that run virtually anywhere, compiled to native code with blistering fast graphics. Their slogan is write once, build anywhere.

All with the same code base!

I hate math…

The first C++ book I bought was written by a mathematician who wanted to teach you C++ by using lot and lots of math. I equated C++ to math, and that it instantly made me flee back to other languages. I threw the book in the trash and did not think about C++ again for years.

When I first looked…

It was a bright summer day, warm breeze coming into my office windows making the curtains magically sway in the window, the application I had spent weeks on was running through automated testing.

I was a young developer that learned Visual Basic as it was the easiest thing for my small brain to understand. It also helped that I had done some BASIC on a Commodore 64 in my youth. I loved how it read like a story

IF friday is True THEN goto party

Microsoft .Net was still fairly new and I was migrating from VB6 to…being a…

Assuming you came here already knowing about Qt, but just in case — Qt is a powerful cross platform set of libraries (some call it a framework) that run anywhere from Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android, Embedded devices like raspberry pi, your TV, the dashboard of your car, probably millions of devices you never even thought of.

So…Qt is powerful… but…

There are competitors

Seems like every day there is some new framework and everyone rushes to it — Flutter comes to mind.It promises a lot, has deep integration with Google, and honestly probably has the ability to just about anything. Flutter is…

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