How to get a job in IT

To sum it all up…

Be the person they are looking for. Be the person they need for the foreseeable future. Be the person they can not lose.

Education vs Experience

Have a good blend of both education and experience. A masters with zero experience is usually not going to land you a high paying job. Instead augment your personal history with a blend of formal education such as colleges and universities, and informal such as Udemy and YouTube. Invest your time in things that add to your resume like building web sites for free (or discounted), helping small business with IT issues like setting up printers, servers, and switches.

Free Education and Experience

The world is full of free things, google, youtube are your best friends. You can get a world of free education simply watching videos. Giving your services away for free also helps build your resume with a group of happy people that will give a potential employer a glowing review about your work experience.


Do not underestimate the power of certifications. Personally I love vendor agnostic certs from CompTIA such as the A+, Network+ and Security+, all the way up to certs that can land 6 figure incomes such as the CISSP and PMP.


Have a general resume that is generic but still touches on all your skills and education. Include things you are working toward. But every time you apply for a job, make your resume align with the actual job description. And be sure to read between the lines…what is the employer really looking for — a system admin in linux, or someone who can automate their server farm?


Smile — I mean it! Sure you will be nervous but admit it, smile, and address all their questions. If you don’t know, admit it — but also give your thoughts and ideas on how you would over come it. Practice practice use your friends and family to do practice interviews. And understand the person interviewing you might not know the actual job requirements, they might not even have a clue. Get familiar with different interview questions and how to answer them.

Whats next?

The course I made really goes much deeper, covering how to treat your first day on the job, how to turn down job offers and the best way to handle moving on to another job.



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Bryan Cairns (VoidRealms)

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