Assuming you came here already knowing about Qt, but just in case — Qt is a powerful cross platform set of libraries (some call it a framework) that run anywhere from Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android, Embedded devices like raspberry pi, your TV, the dashboard of your car, probably millions of devices you never even thought of.

So…Qt is powerful… but…

There are competitors

C++ has a steep learning curve

It’s not trendy

A few weeks later I noticed most of them had purchased my Qt for beginners course out on Udemy.

What really makes Qt the best choice?

When I venture out into other languages and frameworks, there is always this hype, this hard to define “cool factor”, being in the elite few that are working with the hot language of the month…until I hit that ceiling — that impassable hurdle that makes the project difficult to move forward with. I am not saying Qt is perfect — far from it — but after years and years of working with Qt and C++ I have yet to find that ceiling.

Awarded Content Creator in the 2020 Qt Champion Awards:

“Bryan has a few courses available on Udemy, specifically his course on Qt 5 Design Patterns and also has a popular group on Facebook which helps others with their Qt questions as well. For his work alone in creating the Qt 5 training course online for everyone to benefit from it was easy to make him our year’s Content Creator.”

Also we have a rich community of developers in the VoidRealms facebook group — Im in there all the time asking questions and helping others.

Free tutorials on youtube

Qt 5 Core for beginners with C++

Qt 5 Core Intermediate with C++

Qt 5 Core Advanced with C++

Qt 5 Widgets for beginners with C++

QML for beginners with Qt 5

Qt 5 Design Patterns

Migrating to Qt 6

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