Learn C++, Qt, and QML the easy way

I hate math…

The first C++ book I bought was written by a mathematician who wanted to teach you C++ by using lot and lots of math. I equated C++ to math, and that it instantly made me flee back to other languages. I threw the book in the trash and did not think about C++ again for years.

Then Qt came along

Standing in a book store, I glanced on this book…

Experience is the best teacher.

I had to learn a lot about C++, and unlearn a lot of bad habits easier languages taught me. I spent a lot of time making youtube videos and getting feedback from other developers…eventually I made hundreds of videos.

Did I mention its free?

Yes, you can develop with the open source version and never pay a single penny. If you want to develop with the paid version they have multiple options to choose from.

Understanding Qt

Qt is massive, I mean really complex because it does so much but at a high level it is broken up into smaller modules.

How do I…

One of the questions I am often asked “how do I <insert topic>?”…

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million

While I am still updating my youtube channel, I have been working away in the background to make full classroom style training on Udemy for C++, Qt, Widgets, and QML.

Awarded Content Creator in the 2020 Qt Champion Awards:



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Bryan Cairns (VoidRealms)

Bryan Cairns (VoidRealms)

Computer programmer loves, Qt, Python, Flutter