Welcome our newest member Qt

Bryan Cairns (VoidRealms)
3 min readApr 20, 2021


Wanted to take a moment and mention that Qt has officially joined our facebook group named VoidRealms

(link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1400884323467285)

Our little facebook group has grown over the years, initially it was just myself and a few other people talking about cats to — as of this morning — over 4600 developers in there.

In comparison to other groups its still fairly small, but there is a reason for that — we are super picky about who we let in, and we police it heavy with a zero tolerance for spam and non-sense.

The people in the group are mostly high level developers with expertise in C++ and Qt — but we do let newbies in there, and we focus on a LOT of different things, not just Qt.If you request to join, remember to fill out the questions or you will be denied entry.

Having Qt in the group as an official member brings a huge benefit to the group and to Qt, we can collaborate on things in real time, and they are planning on bringing offers and clarifications on their products. This includes other instructors as well.

As the group grows we are looking at inviting other vendors, with the understanding this is not a means for them to spam the group, but rather collaborate with their biggest fans.

I hope to see you there

If you have zero experience, I would recommend starting with Qt Core beginners. If you already know some C++ start with Qt Core Intermediate. You can also watch all the youtube videos free even without any advertisements.

Free tutorials on youtube

Qt 5 Core for beginners with C++

Qt 5 Core Intermediate with C++

Qt 5 Core Advanced with C++

Qt 5 Widgets for beginners with C++

QML for beginners with Qt 5

Qt 5 Design Patterns

Migrating to Qt 6

Awarded Content Creator in the 2020 Qt Champion Awards:

“Bryan has a few courses available on Udemy, specifically his course on Qt 5 Design Patterns and also has a popular group on Facebook which helps others with their Qt questions as well. For his work alone in creating the Qt 5 training course online for everyone to benefit from it was easy to make him our year’s Content Creator.”

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